What is Mikan Artist?

Mikan Artist is our experiment in providing a place for worldwide online art instruction. We invite people from around the world that have industry or teaching experience to give on camera lectures and drawing demos. We are currently focused on the Japanese Manga and Anime industries but may broaden to other fields of illustration in the future.

What disciplines of art are covered?

We are centered around illustration for print, animation, and comic book but also reach out to other disciplines that have interest to illustration as well.

Do I have to attend in person?

No need to attend in person! We are an online operation and available around the world wherever you can connect to the internet.

How good is the video quality?

We take the quality of the video very seriously. When watching hours of instruction, low quality visuals gets very frustrating and fatiguing. We try to master everything in 4K for some blistering good definition. We serve at adaptive qualities that automatically scale based on your connection speed. With a high speed connection you can enjoy some incredibly good rez.

What do I need to view content on Mikan Artist?

Our video streams on a wide variety of equipment Windows, Mac, and iOS. Most computers, tablets or phones, that you can currently watch streaming video on. Please check out the free introduction videos on the class pages if you want to test a device.

I can't open a resource file for a class. What do I do?

We include optional resource files for some classes, based on what the artist provides. You will need the correct associated software and compatible version to open some. PhotoShop CS3, SAI, and Clip Studio are commonly used by the Japanese artists. We also do our best to include a variety of compatible formats like JPEG as an alternative in case you would rather not purchase all of those software packages. Please be aware that various file types and software versions will not always allow full functionality such as individual layers and so forth.

Is there any nudity in the classes?

In a few materials there are frank discussions of anatomy and related drawings, in the context of art instruction.

Is the translation "word for word"?

We work with translators who have art familiarity and encourage them to consult before hand over any concepts that are difficult so that they can be discussed with the artist if necessary. Then after recording, we review it all again to make sure it makes sense with the choice of words and the technical terms are correct. For all that, translation is a tricky thing especially with academic topics. Sometimes the artist are chatting with colloquialisms, banter, or repetitiously (as people do when deeply involved in the work ) which wouldn't make sense if translated word for word. So we give the translators some leeway to translate more concept - to - concept at their discretion. This is to keep the topic more coherent and manageable for the translator. That said, if you find any part that is unclear or seems to have a lapse in dubs or titles, please contact us with the link below and we will be glad have it reviewed by other translators. Be sure to send the url of the video you are viewing and the start and end time of the section.

How often is new content added?

We try to add a few new videos each year. The exact schedule depends on the availabiity of the artist and the very long translation pipeline. Due to all the unpredictable elements of the process, any dates or announcements of new classes or only estimates. We put updates for new content on our FB page so be sure to like the page to recieve them.

Is it possible for an artist to review my art?

Not at this time but we would really like to offer this and are trying to work out a program for it. Please sign up for our newsletter at the very bottom of this page if you want to be notified about the future of this project.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You may cancel your subscription at any time as long as you send us a notice of your cancellation at least 24 hours before your next subscription is due. After logging in, click your name in the upper left corner, select "My Account" and follow the directions to unsubscribe from the payment method used. You are also welcome to subscribe again at anytime. Just login and select the Plans link at the top of the page.

Will I receive a refund if I cancel my subscription early?

No, all past payments are final and non-refundable. Cancellation does not affect payments that have already been paid. The only exception is where it is required by law or in rare extenuating circumstances. We have a monthly plan that offers less commitment than paying for the year in advance. Please consider using that plan instead, if you anticipate needing to start and stop your subscription throughout the year.

May I suggest a topic for future classes?

Yes! Please do! We have a network of artist with various disciplines and will be glad to ask around if someone can cover the topic. Use the contact below.