Manga Color Style 1980 vs 1990

Video Program

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Audio: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Video List

001 Artist Introduction 00:00:42
002 How to Shade 00:47:21
003 Blending the Shading 00:29:53
004 Artist Set-up 00:02:10
005 Reflected Light Shading 00:45:49
006 Final Details and Smoothing Shadow 01:11:18

Resource Files

001 Shading.png PNG Image
002 Shading.jpg JPEG Image
003 Shading.psd Photoshop File
004 ShadingBall.png PNG Image
005 ShadingBall.jpg JPEG Image
006 ShadingBall.psd Photoshop File

About the artist

Kono San hails from Saitama Prefecture. He grew up drawing but tried a career, at first, as a computer programmer. Pretty soon he found his art income outpacing his day job. So he gave up the code and never looked back.